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DEA SYSTEM SPA was founded sometime in 1990 with the aim of producing highly-advanced gate automation systems that will distinguish themselves apart from the highly competitive market for their outstanding quality, mechanical, and electronic reliability.


For the past years, the company has been focusing on developing new technologies to provide the most advanced automation systems to date. These systems are equipped with the highest functionality and ease of use in compliance with the latest safety standards.


The company has a specialist electronics department dedicated to assemble, check and test all the electronic materials with the help of a highly-trained staff and technologically advanced structures


GULLIVER- Electromechanical Operator For Industrial Sliding Gates



GULLIVER is an intensive duty sliding gate automation operator for gates weighing 1000kg to 2200 kg. The sturdiness and the selection of high-quality materials guarantee reliability and safety for a long time.

It is equipped with a control board that is integrated into the case for the ease of installation of the operator.



  • Electromechanical automation, 230V AC or 400V AC and 24V DC.
  • Made for an intensive, industrial and collective operation
  • Easy installation with an adjustable fixing plate
  • Integrated limit-switch
  • Easy unlocking system by key.
  • ¬†Electromechanical brake for immediate stopping functionality
  • Internal ventilation for intensive-duty operations
  • Grease-soaked gear motor.
  • Silent operation
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