oae auto-gate system


San Automation Gate boasts more than 20 years of experience in the installation and repair of all brands of automation gate in Singapore including OAE auto-gate system.


Why Choose OAE Auto-Gate System


Quality. 12-months manufacturer warranty.


Reliability. Advanced microprocessor-based electronic low-voltage controller, and distributor with auto-analysis and self-diagnostic functions housed in a weather-resistant housing.


Safety. 12V direct current motors operating safely even in rains and floods to prevent possible electric shock.


Security. UHF remote control transmitter and receiver with code encryption technology guaranteeing the highest security performance.


Emergency. Optional instant panic alarm function operated via remote control.


Efficiency. Dual-speed motors with soft cushion stopping when the gates near the end of the opening or the closing.


Protection. Electronic overload sensor featuring an auto-reverse and instant stop functionality upon contact with an obstacle.


Convenience. Uninterrupted service with a rechargeable back-up battery that lasts up to 72-hours or 70 cycles in case of power failure.


Technology. Self-mechanical locking system to prevent unwarranted entries.


The OAE auto-gate systems utilise the latest technology in gate automation. For swing gate systems, the OAE high-tech arms are installed above the ground, preventing issues of water getting into the motor. For sliding gate system, it uses a signature oil bath lubricating design that ensures a smoother operation and longer lifespan.


Download the OAE auto-gate system brochure here.

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